5 Vegetables You Can Finally Stop Eating

That’s right. Vegetables you can finally stop eating. Inevitably, we’ve all forced a salad down our gullets, probably in the hopes that it would contain some super-vitamin that will counteract the quarter-pound hamburger we just ate. But the truth is, not all vegetables were created equal- at least where the human digestive system is concerned. A lot of the vegetables we force ourselves to eat on a regular basis are actually not that great, and it’s time we admitted to ourselves that not everything green on the table is going to make our bodies feel better. Here are the top 5 vegetables you can finally stop eating.


#1: Celery
How could something so bland and so green not have nutritional value? It’s crispy, pretty, and easy to take with you to work. Unfortunately, celery is also made mostly of water and pesticides. It has almost zero nutritional value for the human body and, according to the USDA, has been found to contain up to 68 different pesticides. Yummy. Celery is also often paired with dips that may or may not be digestion-friendly.


#2:  Iceberg Lettuce
You know you’re not eating it plain. And if you are, you’re still basically consuming water and pesticides, just like with celery. That’s not to say that having that iceberg lettuce salad is going to hurt you more than the milkshake and fries. However, if you’re going to opt for a healthy alternative, consider a different leafy green. Romaine lettuce and spinach are excellent substitutes.


#3: Cucumbers
Green, crunchy, and oh-so-nutrition-less. You’re probably starting to see a pattern here. While choosing a cucumber over that Swedish Fish is going to make your body happier, it won’t do much else for it. Cucumbers are a low-calorie vegetable that is also low on just about everything else. Nutritionally, you’re not gaining much from forcing that cucumber down.


#4: Radishes
Unless you’re eating three large and raw ones, you’re probably not doing your body any favors by consuming radishes. They make wonderful food art, but nutritionally they’re not so stellar. Adding them to your favorite salads might give them a dash of extra spice and flair, but not a whole lot else.


#5: Eggplant
A favorite substitute for meat, eggplant is really only good for fiber. If you’re expecting the vegetable to be full of the same goodies that your steak is, sadly, you’re out of luck. It probably doesn’t taste half as good, either. Sorry, cows around the world.


While we may have convinced you to stop eating certain vegetables, we still need to be honest with ourselves. Put down that Hershey’s bar or Starbucks cup and grab yourself some veggies to snack on. Even if those veggies are some of the ones on this list, you’ll still be doing yourself a favor. Make sure that you’re consuming a balanced diet full of the many vitamins and minerals the human body needs to be healthy. You’d be amazed at how happy your mind can be when your body is healthy.