Jersey Wooly Rabbit

Jersey Wooly Rabbits: Fluffy Fairytale Bunnies

When you adopt an animal as a baby, it inevitably grows up. Literally. Puppies become full-fledged, not-so-cute dogs. Kittens become manipulative and scheming cats. Children become all-knowing teenagers. The same applies for rabbits, even though their phase of cuteness lasts longer than most. It seems as though we’re doomed to only enjoy that stage of adorable infancy for a short while, right?

Wrong. Well, mostly right. But in the case of the Jersey Wooly rabbit? You get that adorable infancy (and sweetness of temper, to boot) for its entire life.

The Jersey Wooly Rabbit is a dwarf species that weighs between one and three pounds. That’s right. That means your Jersey Wooly starts out life small and irresistible, and stays small and irresistible. They’ve been known to live for around seven to ten years, and were first developed by crossing a French Angora with a Netherland Dwarf.

If you know anything about a French Angora, you know exactly where we’re heading next. This bunny doesn’t only stay bunny in size – this bunny is fluffy. And we mean fluffy. Their coat isn’t quite as exaggerated as the French Angora’s, but it does require weekly grooming for maintenance. It’s incredibly soft, and doesn’t require any trimming or clipping.

When spring strikes, the Jersey Wooly will need to be brushed more often than just once a week, but that won’t be a problem. Why? Because the Jersey Wooly is also known for its sweet, docile temperament. They require socialization and outdoor exercise time like any bunny, but interacting with them is always rewarding. They make excellent first-time bunny companions for those who like to cuddle with something soft, kind, and affectionate.

Rabbits can be litter-trained with some time and patience, but expect to fully clean any enclosure once a week either way. Spot cleaning can be done occasionally on the hutch, and spot cleaning can also be done on your Jersey Wooly’s coat. While you’ll need to do cleaning overhauls on their enclosures, you’ll never have to do a full bath or cleaning for the Jersey Wooly itself. They clean themselves, much like cats do, and only need brush grooming for maintenance.

Sold yet? The Jersey Wooly rabbit is an excellent option for those looking to obtain a tiny companion that looks like it’s from a fairytale. It’s a bunny that, miraculously, stays a bunny – and provides you with a warm and cuddly companion for a good long time.