One Punch Man: Best Anime Series of the Year

Well, alright. It debuted in 2015, and it’s currently 2017, so that technically makes One Punch Man best anime series of the year… a few years in the running. We’re okay with that. We stumbled onto One Punch Man in 2016 mostly by accident, and we’ve regretted nothing since. This anime series will make you laugh harder than a middle-aged woman wearing a roaring Chewbacca mask. Seriously.

One Punch Man was directed by Shingo Natsume, written by Tomohiro Suzuki, and produced by the studio Madhouse. There are only 12 regular episodes and 7 OVA episodes, making it extremely short, absolutely enthralling, and very much a tease. An English-language dub version released in July of 2016, but as far as a second season goes? Nothing has been confirmed, although every person who has watched the anime is desperately waiting for the good news to break. It might never break, in which case we will all be in for some serious… heartbreak.

Okay, we’re not that funny. But One Punch Man is. The show offers a universe where heroes are as common as bananas and they’re ranked based on their various skills and their good deeds. The Hero Association manages cities named after letters and organizes the efforts of these heroes against some pretty impressively villainous foes.

So, who is One Punch Man? One Punch Man is Saitama, a bald hero who, quite literally, is the strongest man of the anime- but receives little to no recognition for his talents. He is scoffed at by would-be fans and laughed at by other heroes, all who have no idea that he can win any battle by using: one punch. Saitama is a very normal fellow who does this “hero” stuff as a hobby. When Saitama meets young cyborg Genos and unwillingly takes him on as a disciple, his role in the hero community changes very quickly and quite drastically, giving the series a direction and a plot.

The art, the music, and the characters are all phenomenal. But, oh, the humor. The wonderful contrast between Saitama’s averageness and his cosmic power is the continual joke throughout the series. One would think this joke would get old after the first few episodes, and yet, somehow, it only seems to get better and more dear. Saitama is a loveable character that lingers long with you after you ravenously consume the series, along with other, almost equally-memorable One Punch Man heroes.

People of Madhouse studios, if you’re out there, hear our plea. Please do another season of One Punch Man. The last episode left a bit of a cliff-hanger that could easily translate into another 12-episode run. We hail One Punch Man as the best anime series of the year, and we mean it. Thanks for the heartfelt and genuine laughs.