AutoNation AutoGear FloorLiners: Reviewed and Approved

When you pick up your new car, there’s usually one thing missing: functional, durable, reliable floormats. Does your car still have its original carpeted flooring with nothing between its soft, fuzzy surface and your muddy shoes? Mine did- until I took a trip down to a local AutoNation dealership and made a visit to their parts and accessories section.

Without something protecting the interior flooring of my 2016 HR-V, the outside elements were playing havoc with the cleanliness of my almost-new car. With two dogs and a husband that regularly hitch a ride, I was triply in trouble. As much as I was interested in getting Honda OEM accessories, I was more interested in what else the AutoNation dealership had to offer- and I was delightfully surprised.


What I found at my local AutoNation’s parts section was an array of AutoNation AutoGear, alongside of the standard Honda parts and accessories I would have normally expected to see from the department. Included in that selection of AutoNation AutoGear was 2016 Honda HR-V-specific floorliners- made by WeatherTech. The AutoNation AutoGear FloorLiners were reasonably priced and, of course, were an exact fit for my vehicle. How could I say no?


Since my purchase, I’ve become even more of a fan. The floorliners are special in that their edges are scooped, curving up and away from the flat horizontal surface. This means that the liners catch everything that gets brought into the car with you, and are perfect for those wet, muddy days. Being located in the greater Seattle area makes that aspect of these mats invaluable. The floorliners look wonderfully streamlined and are made of impressive, quality material, and I’m constantly receiving compliments on them.

A great product is a great product, but what made the experience even more rewarding was the excellent customer service I was treated to at the AutoNation dealership. Finding and procuring these AutoNation AutoGear FloorLiners was a breeze, and I genuinely enjoyed my interactions with the parts staff. They were willing and eager to help me understand the differences between the floorliners and the floormats, and even bothered to assist me in installing them in my HR-V- despite a blustery day outside!


All in all? You’d best get down to your local AutoNation dealership to get the accessories and parts you wanted in your car. AutoNation AutoGear is a fantastic line that offers high quality products for reasonable prices, and the people behind the line? They’re just as great. I’ll definitely be back for more products, although I don’t expect to need new floorliners after these anytime soon. Note the very real use I’ve already put into them in the pictures. Thanks for saving my HR-V from winter, AutoNation AutoGear.