A Decade in the Making: Final Fantasy XV Releases November 29

Final Fantasy XV may be a decade in the making itself, but the Final Fantasy series has been capturing and captivating gamers since 1987. Square Enix’s franchise has been wildly successful for almost 30 years- and now, with the 15th installment of Final Fantasy, it could be securing millions more gamers for the next 30. Console gaming is on the cusp of an evolution and, if all goes according to plan, Final Fantasy XV will help to perpetuate its future. Get out your piggy banks, gamers. Final Fantasy XV is coming.


XV Plotline

Final Fantasy 15 takes place on the world of Eos, similar to modern-day Earth. The Niflheim empire rules the world’s countries, except for heir Noctis Lucis Caelum’s country, the kingdom of Lucis. On the eve of peaceful negotiations between the two countries Lucis is overtaken by Niflheim and Noctis is hurled into a quest to retake his homeland and return its stolen magic crystal, along with and supported by characters Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Scientia, and Prompto Argentum. The 15th installment in the Final Fantasy franchise offers a darker atmosphere that focuses more on realistic environments and human characters than previous installments.


XV Gameplay

Final Fantasy XV offers an open world system that demands both strategy and muscle memory. Day-and-night cycles as well as weather patterns affect the environment surrounding you, including the types of monsters you encounter and how you will handle them. The “Active Cross Battle” system will feel very familiar to Kingdom Hearts players, and Noctis is the character you will be controlling, although you can direct the rest of your teammates. For Final Fantasy X players, the leveling system will be deeply nostalgic. Final Fantasy XV relies on the use of the “Ascension Grid” in which new abilities and strengths can be learned by applying “Ability Points” to different branches.


What’s at Stake for FFXV

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV is currently slated for release on November 29, 2016, but it was originally scheduled for release on September 30, and originally begun in 2006. 10 years in the making and two months late, Final Fantasy XV has everyone’s hopes astronomically high. Hype surrounding the game has thrust it onto a pedestal that soars above almost every other game expected to be released this fall season. Everyone has been waiting for it. And it better be good. More than that, Final Fantasy XV is expected to usher in a new age for console gaming. Will it flop, or will it fly? We have our fingers crossed. Good luck, Square Enix, come November 29.