Why Snapchat?

Joel Guthrie

A blog post from SnapThatFilter.com by Joel Guthrie.

Joel Guthrie is a Social Media/SEO Nerd, entrepreneur, crossfitter, petrol head and songwriter. “Do it with passion or not at all.”

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Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms to hit the market in the last 5 years.  It now allows users to connect with friends, celebs, and anybody else through their snap code. Snapchat has now, with a recent update, built in its own chat feature, but the basic bare bones explanation of Snapchat is that it allows you to share images or 10 sec videos with your friends that disappear after they view the “Snap.”


So how could Snapchat help your business?

As a business with a snapchat account it allows you connect with your customers directly.  It’s not only a platform to share what your company is working on but also allows you to see what your customers are: up to, into, like, love, hang with, where they spend time, and what events they are attending.  BOOM! It puts all of the the case studies/BETA Tests/polls/surveys to shame because your customer is constantly changing just like your company is! ….or at least should be.

So what?

Snapchat has a feature called your “story.” The story is a collection of snaps that you choose to make public to your followers for 24 hours. This allows you to share what is new in your company’s life and continue to create your company’s “story.”


So how can Snapchat help promote my company?

In today’s social noise it is key that a company has a persona. BREATHE! Not every CEO is Steve Jobs, Gary Vaynerchuk, or Richard Branson, and there is a way to create this persona without having to convince yourself or your CEO of being in the spotlight. The great thing about companies big and small is that you can create a vibe/culture.  You all have done studies and had sleepless night brainstorming who your “ideal customer” is. Focus on creating content that your “ideal customer” would be interested in. People trust a brand that “gets them.”


After you’ve created your Snapchat account, go through your email list, Facebook followers, Twitter Followers, and Instagram followers and add them on Snapchat! Then over the next couple weeks, watch what they are adding to their stories.  It’s information they are giving you on how their week is going! You should then align the content you create with the common interests of your customers.



You are at a coffee shop and one day you’re going through your customers’ Snapchat stories and you come across “Jamie.”  Jamie posts on her Story a selfie with a tired facial expression and the caption “such a long day.” THIS IS GOLD! You then send them a DIRECT SNAP saying “Hey, sorry you’re having such a long day.  Come by our shop today and get a coffee on the house!” …. MIC DROP.

Jamie is going to tell her friends! Even if she never shows up to get the free coffee! Maybe she doesn’t even like coffee; but when she is telling her friends about the interaction she is building even more social equity for you and your business. THAT is better marketing for your coffee shop than any Facebook or local newspaper ad.

So, why Snapchat? Snapchat gives you a direct way to communicate with your customers. It all comes down to building relationships.