Guilty Celebrations: Top 5 Easter Candy Countdown

Whether you celebrate Easter with a religious inclination or not, admit it: you’ve given in at least once. You’ve walked past those seductive aisles in Walgreens, Walmart, or Safeway and you’ve snatched some brightly-colored wrapper off the shelf. Why not? It was on sale, since Easter was only a few days away! Better yet, it was half-off, since Easter was last week and they’re trying to get rid of stock. No matter your reason, you’ve more than likely eaten one of these Easter candies at least once in your life. We’re not here to judge you. Rather, we’re here to celebrate the lesser-acknowledged but equally-engaged in practice of Easter candy gnoshing. Don’t blame us if you feel the need to hit the store after this count-down.


  1. Peeps

No Easter candy list would be right without lauding Peeps as perhaps the most prevalent and the most revered Easter candy of them all. Peeps are marshmallow candies in the shape of chicks coated in sugar. Owned by Just Born, a company founded in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Peeps have been manufactured since 1953, much to the delight of adults and kids alike. Peeps are currently trying to take over the Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas markets as well, but they’ll always find their home in Easter celebrations.


  1. Russell Stover Easter Eggs

With a flavor for everyone, the Russell Stover Easter Eggs have a siren call impossible to ignore. Priced per egg and swathed in eye-catching, Easter-y colors, the Russell Stover Easter Eggs are a must during Easter. Russell Stover Candies, Inc. has been producing boxed chocolates since 1923, and it shows. From marshmallow and coconut to strawberry and caramel, these chocolate-covered goodie-filled eggs have been slipping into our Easter-shopping baskets ever since we discovered they existed.


  1. Whoppers Robin Eggs

They’re basically just Whoppers. But they’re not. They’re shaped into fantastic little robin eggs with speckles of bright color and a delicious outer coating. Usually packaged in a milk carton-shaped box, these bad boys are the epitome of guilty Easter snacking. Whoppers Robin Eggs are owned by The Hershey Company and were introduced between 1949 and 1952. We’re grateful.


  1. Cadbury Creme Eggs

A Cadbury Creme Egg is made up of a thick milk chocolate shell and a white-and-yellow fondant filling on the inside. If you’ve ever had a Cadbury Creme Egg before, you will find it no surprise that these disgustingly-good Easter treats are one of the best-selling candies between New Year’s Eve and Easter. Usually sold individually, it’s oh-so easy to have one find its way into your cart during the Easter season. Even though you know you’ll regret every bite.


  1. Chocolate Bunnies

Every half-way decent candy manufacturer out there dips their toes into the market of chocolate bunnies during Easter. Therefore, no matter who your favorite chocolatier is, you’re probably eating at least one chocolate bunny in and around the Easter holiday. Why we would want to consume the Easter bunny is a question lost somewhere between the ingestion of his ear and tail.


There are plenty of other honorable mentions for the Easter candy countdown. Jelly Beans often find their way into those plastic eggs your parents were so fond of giving to you, and Lindt Chocolate Carrots were a favorable substitute for the real vegetable deal. Easter candies will always have a nostalgic home in our hearts, and whenever the season rolls around we know it’s time to play into the consumer market and buy them all over again. This Easter, we wish you happy Easter snacking, and while we encourage you to indulge, do so wisely. If you can.