Car Customization: How to Plasti Dip Your Rims

You’ll get a lot of flak for it. Plasti Dip is a brilliant product that can help you customize your car quickly, cheaply, and effectively- but not everyone is going to be on board with your idea. Grumblers aside, painting your rims is a lightning-fast way to make your car just a touch more… your car. And the best part is? With a little bit of elbow grease, you can peel or rub it right off. For those of you looking to tailor your vehicle to your personal taste without causing lasting damage, plastidipping your rims is a great place to start. Here’s a brief run-down on how to make it happen.


  1. Materials

Make sure you do your research beforehand and that you’ve chosen the Plasti Dip color that you really want. You may need less than 4 cans, but it’s best to have extra on hand for touch-ups and for proper layering.

  • 4 Cans of Plasti Dip
  • 1 Aerosol spray can gun
  • Index cards
  • Garbage bags or newspapers
  • Jack
  • 4 Jack stands


  1. Prep Your Vehicle

Many people Plasti Dip their rims without removing their wheels. However, if you have the tools for it, there’s no reason not to remove your wheels entirely for the process. You should also have a garage prepared for this, as temperamental weather can quickly ruin an otherwise great day.

  • Jack your car up and remove the four wheels.
  • Wash your wheels thoroughly and place them in a garage to dry.
  • Lay enough garbage bags or newspapers underneath each wheel to protect the garage floor.
  • Slide index cards in the outer edges of each rim to protect the wheels from being sprayed.


  1. Plasti Dip Away

If you’ve never spray-painted anything before, watch a few videos on the technique first so that you understand what the motions should look like. Plasti Dip, as it comes in an aerosol can, is similar to spray paint, and should be applied in much the same fashion.

  • Attach the aerosol spray can gun to a can of Plasti Dip and evenly spray the first layer onto the rims.
  • Wait an hour for the first layer to dry.
  • Spray a second layer and wait an hour to dry.
  • Spray a third, and potentially final, layer and wait until the Plasti Dip is completely dry.
  • Inspect the rims for any sections with missing Plasti Dip. Perform touch-ups as necessary.
  • Once the Plasti Dip is completely dry, you are free to put your wheels back on your car.
  • Stand back and enjoy!


Plasti Dip to the Rescue

No matter the color pairing, your plastidipped rims will be uniquely your own. There are plenty of ways to customize your vehicle without having to spend a considerable amount of money and without having to make some sort of permanent change. Window decals, license plate frames, and interior accessories are other possible decorations to use when bringing new life to your car. And remember, only you have to like how your car looks. If you want your rims to be exclusive to you, your car, and your style- then Plasti Dip those bad boys to your heart’s content. May the Dip be with you.