Healthy Habits: Black Coffee vs. Green Tea

Reasonably comparable to the rivalry between skiers and snowboarders, coffee-drinkers and tea-drinkers have much to say about one or the other. Ultimately, you can all rest easy, beverage enthusiasts. Both black coffee and green tea (in moderation) have benefits that keep your body running strong. Shucking subjective opinions aside, here are a few considerations to make when deciding whether you’d like to stay with your favorite drink or give the other a go.


Black Coffee

Keep in mind that when we say black coffee, we really mean black. No cream-filled mocha cappucinos allowed. Black coffee is low in fat and calories and offers a healthy jolt of energy through the caffeine it provides to your body. Caffeine affects a variety of things, including your central nervous system and the rate at which your fat cells break down body fat. Studies suggest that the caffeine in black coffee can help decrease your depression, increase your focus, and burn fat faster. Antioxidants are also present in black coffee, the levels of which beat out certain wines, teas, fruits, and vegetables. Don’t be fooled by the amount of water you use to make black coffee. The coffee itself is still providing a great deal of nutrition and help to your body.


Green Tea

As with our usage of black coffee, we mean standard green tea, and not variations which include extra, less-healthy goodies. Green tea, along with black coffee, contains levels of caffeine content that help stimulate your brain and increase fat burning. It also is host to a plethora of antioxidants which improve the functionality of your body. It has even been suggested that the antioxidants present in tea decreases your chance of various cancers, including breast, prostrate, and colorectal. Green tea leaves are full of bioactive compounds which are commonly attributed to the medicinal success of the drink, and it also has a small amount of important minerals.


Be Picky

With both of these drinks come an overwhelming amount of options that decrease the original nutritional value of the standard drink. If you’re looking to acquire a tea- or coffee-consuming habit, choose wisely. Pick brands that try to stick to the minimum ingredients and which don’t focus on quantity rather than quality. And, as with all things, enjoy these beverages with moderation. Drinking too much caffeine from either drink is an unhealthy way to treat your body, and you’d do best to appreciate coffee and tea without excess. When it comes to the battle between black coffee and green tea, however, everyone’s a winner.