Breaking News in Paris: Organized Shootings across the City on Friday Evening

It’s been confirmed that over 100 people have perished in the attacks that ravaged Paris on Friday night. Many news sources are currently calling the seemingly-organized chain of shootings “terrorist attacks,” although the perpetrators and their intentions are as of yet unknown. Both French President François Hollande and American President Barack Obama have released statements regarding the shootings, with Obama calling them “an attack on all of humanity” and Hollande labeling them as “terrorist attacks of unprecedented proportions.”


What Happened?

On Friday night a number of shootings took place in different locations around Paris, including two restaurants and the Bataclan concert hall. Explosions were also reported outside of the Stade de France. In the Bataclan, several hundred people were taken hostage by an unknown number of attackers while in attendance at an Eagles of Death Metal concert. Police forces have successfully freed the hostages, but many did not survive the event. President Hollande has requested that Parisian citizens stay inside while so much mystery, danger, and confusion still swirl the bloody streets of Paris.


What Now?

President François Hollande has declared France to be in a state of emergency and has closed the country’s borders in the hopes of preventing the attackers’ escape. Two of the men responsible for the Bataclan concert hall attack were killed, but no one has been apprehended or similarly dispatched so far. France, as a country, is visibly shaken. The event has been called “historic” by some for its vast proportions and its degree of horror, and we have yet to see how France and its neighboring countries will respond to what has been called yet another “act of terror.”