Why It’s Socially Acceptable to Sing Christmas Songs in November

Often the singing of yuletide carols pre-December elicits sharp criticism and sometimes sharp objects from opinionated listeners. Regardless of whether or not you approve of Christmas carols being sung a bit “too early,” there are some definite positive aspects to doing so.


Song Quality

Christmas songs are crafted with care, joy, and love. Every song is a masterpiece in and of itself, which is why they’ve lasted throughout the decades. Most are performed by talented musicians and singers who value the song as much as the composers did themselves, and the same goes for individual singers. The songs are timeless, and admit it: probably better than some of the music being currently played on mainstream radio.



Lots of Christmas songs have more to do with the winter season than with the holiday. Singing about wintry weather and falling snow doesn’t necessarily immediately mean Christmas. Therefore, a good many Christmas carols don’t deserve to immediately be disqualified pre-December, since they have appropriately chilly content for November.


Holly Jolly

Many people love the Christmas season, not for purely religious or cultural reasons, but for the simple fact that everybody seems to be in a genuinely better mood most of the time. Christmas songs have a brilliant ability to tease out that attitude and to release cheerfulness into the air. You can’t have a bad day when you’re belting “Let it Snow” out. Why not extend that wonderful atmosphere into November?


Haters Gonna Hate

Lots of you still won’t be convinced that singing Christmas songs during November is such a great idea. For those of you who are, enjoy yourselves this winter season by indulging in some carols that normally would be reserved for December. They’re a joy to sing and you deserve that tiny slice of unadulterated happiness.