Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders: Joke or Genius

There’s been a lot of talk about Bernie Sanders, and there’s been even more political memorabilia. After observing a bumper sticker that read: “I Support Bernie Sanders, Because F— this S—,” it’s become clear that an in-depth look at Mr. Sanders is both warranted and necessary. He’s plainly drawn the attention of a demographic that normally won’t touch politics with a ten-foot pole, and therefore poses as a genuine interest in America’s distantly upcoming elections.


The Man

Bernie Sanders is a Democratic candidate for the President of the United States. He served for 16 years as Vermont’s only congressman in the House of Representatives, and is currently serving a second term in the Senate after his win in 2012. He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1941 and attended the University of Chicago for his studies. Post-graduation Sanders would move to Vermont and work as a carpenter and a documentary filmmaker. His first political election was in 1981, when he was voted to be the mayor of Burlington, Vermont. Today he has four children, a smattering of grandchildren, and lives in Vermont with his wife.


The Goals

But what really is important is what a man intends to do. Sanders is a self-described “Democratic Socialist” and leans towards policies that were instituted by social democratic parties in Nordic countries in Europe. Sanders is a hater of income and wealth inequality, which has admittedly run rampant in American financial quarters due to capitalism’s unbalanced systems, but he has more to say about the state of the country. The following are the goals he wants to make happen:

  • Fix income and wealth inequality
  • Make colleges tuition-free and debt-free
  • Take big money out of politics
  • Create decent paying jobs
  • Implement living wages
  • Focus on climate change and the environment
  • Implement racial justice
  • Create a fair and humane immigration policy
  • Fight for women’s rights
  • Fight for LGBT equality
  • Care for veterans
  • Strengthen and expand social security
  • Fight to lower prescription drug prices
  • Reform Wall Street
  • Implement family rights within the workplace
  • Make war a last resort

For Sanders’ full explanations of his plans, you can visit his campaign website. There he expands upon his goals and offers statistics, ideas, and hopes about achieving them.


That’s a Mouthful

Bernie Sanders promises a lot. But, he’s doing something that most other presidential candidates and elections have failed to do: he’s shaking the young out of their Facebook haze and taking a stance on certain issues many have found fruitless in the past. It’s jarring to have a presidential candidate actually speaking to the problems that have been rotting the roots of this country for decades.

It doesn’t quite feel real, does it? However, as with any presidential campaign, all promises must be taken with a healthy grain of salt. Words are words until an action has been founded upon them, and when that becomes the case, then perhaps will Americans rally behind Sanders and his socialist utopian ideals.