Hurricane Patricia 101: Devastation through Category 5 Winds for Mexico

Mexico has found itself visited by perhaps the most unwelcome visitor of all: a vicious hurricane. Hurricane Patricia made landfall on Mexico’s Pacific coast on Friday the 23rd of October- a date you should remember as the day that the strongest hurricane ever recorded made its debut. Hurricane Patricia threatened the citizens of Mexico with 165 mile-per-hour winds, gusting up to 235. Patricia made her entrance in places like Cuixmala, Manzanillo, and Puertro Vallarta, scattering Mexico natives and sumptuous vacationers alike in its awful wake.


What’s Being Done

Mandatory evacuations have been reported in areas where landslides are highly probable. Hurricane Patricia’s eye has been stated by Mexico’s National Commission for Water to have a diameter of over six miles, and with tempestuous wind speeds and fierce rain many impoverished Mexican homes and more lavish resorts are at serious risk. Flash floods are another serious concern for those residing in the red zone. As of the most recent reports, Hurricane Patricia has decreased from a Category 5 storm to a Category 4. Southwestern Mexico is currently taking the biggest hit and is under the greatest duress.


Current News

As more reports filter in, the extent of Hurricane Patricia’s wrath will become clearer. What is clear, however, is that Patricia did not discriminate in her chosen path of terror. Both poor fishing villages and lavish tourist resorts have been swept up in her windy rage. Perhaps, in this way, Patricia is doing the world a favor by highlighting the reality of the economic divide between the rich and the poor sharing the same land but not the same benefits- and how quickly the rich might pick themselves up from such a maelstrom, and how slowly the poor.