Sensei Pikachu: Life Skills Learned from Playing Pokémon

Too many times have video games been accused of leading young children astray and taking up valuable thought space and learning hours. To the contrary, many video games have a lot to offer both kids and adults alike. In particular, Pokémon, the version of the game playable on hand-held devices, provides opportunities to gather priceless life lessons and skills for players to carry with them throughout their (real) lives.


Saving Money

For instance, Pokémon teaches you how to save money. You can’t exactly “catch them all” if you don’t have the money to buy the Poké Balls to do it. You also can’t purchase valuable upgrades, potions, moves, or other miscellaneous goodies if you don’t keep a couple of coins jingling in your pocket. You have plenty of opportunities to earn money in Pokémon, but you have just as many opportunities to blow it. This conundrum makes it possible for players to engage with the idea of conserving their resources for the betterment of their future, rather than expending them exclusively for the present.



Pokémon also forces you to learn how to strategize. Can you make it to the next Pokémon Center without having all of your team members faint? Can you successfully beat the gym leader with the type of Pokémon that you have? Do you have enough Poké Balls to make it possible to catch that rare Pokémon? These are only a few of the infinite number of challenges that await Pokémon players. To surmount these challenges, players must quickly learn to adapt and to strategize to maximize their ability to play the game well.


Pursue Your Passion

It might be a strange thought, but Pokémon teaches players how to pursue their passions. Pokémon is one of those rare and beautiful games that are accessible to almost any type of gamer. This means that you can flesh out the game for yourself in any number of ways, including catching all of the Pokémon, beating every challenger in the world, doing online multiplayer tournaments, or spicing up your character or Secret Base (depending on which version). The real world is the same way. To enjoy yourself fully, you need to pursue the challenge that captivates you most.


Still Skeptical?

If you’ve never played Pokémon and still harbor some doubts, pick up one of the games for yourself and experience the joy that awaits you. Pokémon is a brilliantly conceived game that has undergone many generations of changes without ever losing its original glamor or charm. Go ahead and grab whichever version catches your eye first- you might be surprised at how much you learn from playing it.