Modern Marriages Made Doable: 5 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Costs Down

Weddings are often lavish and opulent affairs that cost an enormous amount to fund. While this may be an expected and important investment for some couples, other couples might be more reluctant to pour a great deal of work-hours into this one single ceremony. However, this single ceremony is easily considered to be one of the most important ceremonies a person can partake in. For those looking to save a bit and have the wedding of their stylistic dreams, here are a few surprising categories in which you can shave a smidgen off of the budget.


  • The Photographer

Fortunately for wedding planners, today’s photographic climate is bursting at the seams with entrepreneurial, talented, and passionate photographers.  Most tried-and-tested photographers will charge you an “investment” fee for providing pictures of your wedding, and that fee could possibly take your breath away (not in the good way). To a thriftier couple’s delight, there are probably hundreds of other newer photographers in the area that would be overwhelmingly pleased to do the same job for less than half the price. Try seeking out a photographer with a portfolio that you admire who is attempting to break into the wedding market, as opposed to a photographer who is already making waves in the wedding world. Their art is no less gifted than a wedding photographer with a snazzy website, and their prices are sure to be more reasonable.

  • The Venue

The wedding ceremony venue is the all-important backdrop of the whole ordeal itself. Many venue-providers know this, and have made an impressively streamlined business out of the situation. Unfortunately, that also means that venue-providers usually charge a plentiful price for their services. Consider having your wedding in a more unusual place, such as in a state park or a garden. The money you save renting a more simplistic and natural setting for your ceremony can help fund the more extravagant after-party- or, you can have the reception at a family member’s house or a friend’s cozy home to save money on both.

  • The Bridal Party

This might seem like an immediate impossibility, but more spending-conscious couples should consider either downsizing the number of their bridesmaids and groomsmen or eliminating them entirely. Without bridesmaids or groomsmen there’s no need to provide formal attire, and there’s no need to provide costly gifts to thank them for their involvement. With one or two bridesmaids and a best man, the ceremony can be both more sweetly intimate and more cost-effective.

  • The Catering

Just because a business claims to have the best burritos in the market doesn’t mean that your favorite neighbor doesn’t have an equally delectable burrito recipe to offer up. Admittedly, if your wedding is a tremendous affair and you have more than 100 guests, it is probably unreasonable to cook and serve your own food. However, with more moderately-sized weddings, doing your own catering can be a bright success and a great way to cut back on your spending. Gather together a couple of your friends or family members who cook like a dream and bribe them to help out with providing tasty snacks or meals for the wedding. Nine times out of ten, those guests would love to be a part of the ceremony and would be more than happy to help out with the food.

  • The Parties

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Bachelor parties and bachelorette parties can be ostentatious affairs with a huge amount of money and flamboyance involved- but they don’t have to be. You can keep these pre-wedding parties relatively small and still have an excellent time at both, with guests pitching in both on venue costs and provisions. Or, you can be truly thrifty and sacrifice both parties to fund a more fantastic honeymoon afterwards.


There is a booming market for spectacular weddings in which thousands upon thousands of dollars have been appropriately invested, and it shows. There’s nothing wrong with desiring a wedding of luxury, but there’s nothing wrong with desiring a wedding of simplicity, either. Regardless, throw the wedding and party of your choice and, if you’re looking to save a few bucks while you’re at it, consider a few of the aforementioned tips and tricks when doing your planning.