Gaming Enthusiast Alert: Super Meat Boy Available for Free on PS4 Plus

Who knows for how long? Go get yourself onto your online PS4 menu and pick up the glorious arcade platformer that is Super Meat Boy. Released on PS4 only very recently, Super Meat Boy was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive that was available through Xbox Live Arcade starting in 2010. As of 2012 it had sold over a million copies and within its first year received awards for Best Downloadable Game and Most Challenging Game from well-respected sources such as IGN and GameSpot.


It’s Hard, Tho

It’s extremely challenging. Heralding a new era of extreme platforming, Super Meat Boy tests your patience, skill, and game-rage control. Super Mario is a calm game for the casual and lax player in comparison. You play as a cube of meat seeking to rescue your beloved Bandage Girl, who is both a literal and metaphorical salve to your unfortunate, and complete, lack of skin. You’ll duel with spinning razor blades, raging fires, and terror-inducing bosses as you bounce your way through levels masterfully designed by the two-man team of Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes. You can watch a bit of their developing process in the documentary “Indie Game: The Movie” which also features creators of Fez and Braid.


What Are You Still Doing Here?

You need it. And, for right now, it’s free. You’ll hate it as much as you love it, and aside from (barely) obliterating Dark Souls bosses, you won’t have any other levels or enemies in your gaming collection that are so satisfying to beat. You might stay up all night doing it, but when you drag yourself to work the next day with sleep-deprivation showing in the shadows under your eyes, you won’t think twice about the sacrifice.